Our Story

Buffalo Modular Homes is a locally-owned and operated team of experienced professionals located in Buffalo, NY with a real passion for building custom homes using modular construction. With more than 30+ years of residential and commercial experience, our hometown team is able to provide customers with an unmatched level of personal service, support, and excellence as we strive for full satisfaction from our valued customers like you.

Buffalo and the surrounding WNY area has rich and robust history. Western New Yorkers are genuine, hard-working and always ready to lend a helping hand…no matter how many inches of snow we have! Since we are proud to live, work, and raise our families in the “City of Good Neighbors”, we strive to provide quality homes for our quality neighbors in the community that we love. LET’S GO BUFFALO! [modular homes]! 🙂

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Our company’s mission is to provide you with an exceptional level of commitment and dedication in building your home so that you have a fun, enjoyable, and satisfying building experience. We look forward to working with you and are available to answer your questions.

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