Everything You Should Know About Modular Homes Before Buying One

No, a manufactured home and a modular home are not the same thing. BY CANDACE BRAUN DAVISONMAY 30, 2019 https://www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a27650630/what-is-a-modular-home/ ALLEN J. SCHABENGETTY IMAGES If you’re looking to buy a new home, you might have heard the term ‘modular home’ being touted around a lot—and honestly, we understand why, especially...

Modular Homes Go Greener

A modular home has few, if any, design limitations. The average modular home contains three or more modules, but many contain five to ten modules. Modular homes can be built and configured to meet nearly any shape and size, at all price points, from entry-level and multifamily housing up to million-dollar mansions.

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

It all starts with our mission: Placing Christian chaplains in jails and prisons to minister to the spiritual needs of inmates and staff. Good News has developed several practical, life-giving programs that introduce inmates and staff to Christ and help them grow in their knowledge of Him and His Word.

Labor Day!

It's been a great summer!!  Have a happy and safe Labor Day!! Thinking about building a modular home?  Start here! Qs about construction financing? Click here to join the conversation. email me to get...

Pricing… what’s the forecast for 2018?

Many are asking us about where we see pricing headed in light of the major national market demands on supply. While we at Buffalo Modular Homes want to protect our customers as much as possible from price adjustments, there may, in fact, be some visible movement on pricing this summer. Of course, projects that are under contract will be guarded against price changes. Below is a timely memo from one of our suppliers that does a good job in detailing some of the pricing factors the housing market is experiencing.

Construction Lending Q & A’s

Join us for a discussion about a new construction draw loan through Prime Lending. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KklDM85ctLE&list=PLEpP-G6iFxQ1Nnq10a0udi0RcMECHLxzC   What type of loan will I need in order to build with Buffalo Modular Homes? https://youtu.be/7WuJUJvE7Ec   What forms, information and paperwork will I need to provide in order to gain an initial...

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