At Buffalo Modular Homes, we’re happy to provide a turnkey building solution for you.  A new turnkey modular home building project is just as it sounds and allows us to manage everything on your building project from A to Z.  We will work closely with you from concept to completion.  If you own land, we can immediately start our design phase.  Otherwise, we can work with you to acquire the right parcel of land.  After we design your home plans, including any site built structures like an attached garage and porches, we’ll move into the construction phase.  A new turnkey custom built modular home project can be 2-6 months in the planning phase, followed by a normal 4 months construction phase.

If you would prefer to play a bigger role in the project then you might consider a Factory Direct project.  

We also offer a partial project, which lands somewhere between a turnkey and a factory direct project.  Normally a partial project has us completing the heavy work like excavation, foundation, modular home, and site built structures, and leaving the stitching and seeming of the home to the homeowner.  We can be flexible here and craft a solution that makes sense for everyone and meets the goals of speed to completion and leveraging of the skills and abilities of the homeowner to be part of the project.  Lead time here is often somewhere between turnkey and factory direct.

The best first step is often a phone call and then a sales consultation.  Please complete the pricing form so we can connect with you today!

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