Building a modular home is very straight forward. First you select a floor plan. Then you select the features, options, and upgrades. Just like an assembly line, modular homes go into production with all the information and features in hand. Modular construction is more efficient than stick-built homes, and has lower costs. With smarter planning, you can be living in your new custom modular home in a matter of months. Although your house is completed quickly, quality materials and careful attention to detail are built into every home.

Modular homes have better quality control than site built homes and are built in a climate controlled environment that protects the entire structure during the build. This means harmful weather never touches the inside of your home.

Modular Homes go through more inspections than site built homes. While a site-built home may have a half a dozen inspections during the build, a Buffalo Modular Home goes through 100+ quality inspections and third party inspections to ensure the highest level of quality through the entire modular construction process.

You can be confident that modular homes are built much sturdier than site built homes. Because our modular homes need to be moved to the site, they are engineered to a higher standard of strength than stick-built homes. Decking, sheathing, framing, and drywall are nailed, screwed, and glued to add strength to the structure and make our modular homes more durable against the adverse effects of Mother Nature. Most estimates suggest between 20-40% more lumber and fasteners are used in factory-built homes compared to similar site-built homes. Even FEMA confirmed that modular homes withstand hurricanes better than conventional site-built homes.

Modular homes offer design flexibility and complete customization to your building plan. Select from countless home plans and then design the custom style you want. Hardwood floors to Stone countertops, you can choose from thousands of upscale personalized features to fit your budget and style.
We offer ranch plans, capes, chalets, vacation cabins, two-story custom modular homes, and even investment buildings like townhouses and apartment buildings. Many personalized features are also available that will help customize the home to your own personal tastes. This is what we call “custom-made-easy”. Whether you are looking for a home from 1,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet, we would love the opportunity to review your project and provide you with a proposal.

Modular Homes are energy efficient and resource conscious. In a typical 2,000 square foot site-built home there are 8,000 pounds of waste that end up in a landfill. Building custom modular homes in a factory setting greatly reduces waste (up to 90%!) because materials and resources are recycled and reused. Materials are not used on only one project, additional lumber and supplies can be saved and reused in the next modular home.
The modular home itself is energy efficient. The attention to detail and strength reduces gaps and drafts that can occur; drywall panels are screwed and glued during the build. The increase in quality construction of a modular home transfers into heating and cooling savings for the homeowner.

Modular Homes will SAVE YOU MONEY. Because our modular homes are constructed in less than half the time of site-built homes and are built in a controlled environment, costs savings are natural. Cutting down on the time it takes to complete your project means reducing your overall construction financing charge. With many modular floor plans and custom options to choose from, we will make it easy to find something that fits your budget.

Our Modular Homes qualify for both construction and traditional mortgage programs. The same mortgage rules and regulations apply to purchasing a Buffalo Modular Home as to a site-built home.

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