Let's talk Savings!

Volume Pricing Discounts

Factories that produce many hundreds of homes a year will have national buying programs with brand name suppliers.

While a local site builder who builds 10 to 20 homes a year will be buying 40 to 50 toilets per year. His supplier pricing will be no match for the local modular builder with the same sales volume who’s homes come with toilets already installed at the factory — that modular factory may be buying many thousands of toilets a year through national partnership agreements with Kohler or American Standard.

Assembly line materials use

When the modules are being built on the factory floor, materials extra material for one house is automatically used on the next house. This seems obvious but extra material is always factored into the costing of site built homes and usually ends up in the dumpster.

The station in the modular factory is framing of the floor system – 2×10 floor joists with 3/4″ tongue and groove subfloors. Sub floor sheets come in 4×8 sheets. When one house floor sheating is completed you will often have half the 4×8 sheets which go right onto the next module, as opposed to the dumpster on a site built home. On average, this is 30% less waste!

Reduced Employment Costs

Having all labor under one roof greatly reduces the employment travel costs.

Rather than having labor driving to various sites, all labor comes to one central location for work in a warm and dry environment.

Other side benefits of working in a controlled environment are lower workplace injuries, which result in lower turnover and lower overall labor costs.

Quality Control

Quality control has many benefits.

  • Higher quality means less service repair issues.
  • Less service issues means lower overall cost to build your home.
  • Lower cost to build means better pricing for you!

Finance Savings

Because the overall building timeline is so much shorter, you will save on the financing costs associated with your home loan.

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