Buying a Fixer Upper vs. Building A New Home?

Nia, from Buffalo Modular Homes, shares her personal experience of buying an old home and renovating vs. building a new home. (P.s. She prefers building using modular technology!)

If location is your #1 priority, it might limit the land selection you have, so you may have to live with the reality of renovating an old home. However, in Nia’s experience, old homes can suck time, money, and energy in a never-ending cycle of the dreaded “honey-do” lists!

She noticed that building a new home can actually save you time, money, and stress even though the initial investment might be a little more. The only decisions you should have to worry about on your nights and weekends should be the “fun” projects (I.e. paint/decor/new furniture) as opposed to the headache projects (i.e. hvac/electrical/sewer/etc).

What do you prefer?

Are you drawn to the “character” and “charm” of the fixer-upper or are you over that & prefer to be handed the keys with a “Welcome Home” ready to enjoy your home?!?!

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