Help! How do I build a Buffalo Modular Home?!? 10 Easy steps!

We get this question asked all the time:

“How do I get started building my modular home?”

Nia gives 10 easy steps to consider as you begin your journey!

1) Have you looked at existing homes?

2) Are you sold on building a modular home?

3) Have you explored financing?

4) Do you own land or do you need to purchase? {We build on your lot.}

5) Have you signed a contract & secured your financing?

6) Have you picked out your floor plan & options?

7) Have you allocated for the time needed for the “planning” and “construction” phase?

8) Will you have site work done like garages, porches, etc?

9) Do you want to take on parts of your project?

10) And, finally, what memories do you hope to create when we finally hand you the keys and say, “Welcome Home!”??

Are you on step #2 already & are ready to get started?

Contact our office to set up an appointment today!

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