Will my new modular home be clean when I move in?

  • Jeremy Bates by Jeremy Bates
  • 2 years ago
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We’ve had some questions about what to expect in terms of cleanliness when the house is completed and turned over. This video talks a little bit about the construction cleaning that is completed after all work is done on a new turnkey Buffalo Modular Homes project.


All homes that we complete have a professional cleaner come through after construction is done. But keep in mind that after you move in you may want to do a fine clean in the kitchen and other places like that after you’ve moved your boxes in and all of your furniture and things of that nature.


The other thing to keep in mind on a new house is that a lot of times the newly poured basement concrete floor can be a little chalky and that can cause some dust to be brought up to the first floor from your feet so you may consider having a mat at the basement to wipe your feet until you complete the finishing of your basement. 


Here are some recently completed building projects for you to see pictures of projects at time of handover to the customer:

Belle Ame 1

Easton Backus Rd

Dale Rd

Beebe Rd

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