How to make a modular home not look, um, boring..

Modular homes are awesome! The consistent quality is higher, better structural integrity, faster building timeframe, the list goes on and on! But one thing that we hear more and more is well how do we make our house, um, not look boring!  The answer is always the same. It’s a basic breakdown of the architectural components of a home: front porch, garage, dormers, exterior materials, and landscaping.  Even more basic than that is how the garage and front porch interact with the house.  If we can create a few dimensional step backs, that usually is more than sufficient for a pleasing design.

This home is the Buchanon (


and this home is also the Buchanon:

The main features of this exterior design are the 9/12 roof pitch on the garage along with the hip roof and step back on the 3rd bay.  The house has a 7/12 roof pitch with a large 22′ dormer with oval pediment and a 6×15 front porch with railings.  The garage doors are carriage style with black hardware and windows.  What do you think of this design?  We’d love to hear from you and what you love!


PS: Designs can be whatever we make them, but the reality is that everyone is working with a budget.  More often than not, we’re weighing one option against another.  A front porch or a larger kitchen?  A garage or some other types of interior upgrades?  If we need to defer some items, a garage is an easy project for us to do later on.  It’s much easier for us to come back in a few years and add a garage and front porch than build an addition onto the main body of the house, for instance.


We’d be happy to schedule a sales consultation with you to see if building a new modular home may be a good option for you and your family.  Please reach out to us anytime!




Jeremy Bates


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