Notice of Potential Price Increase

Notice of Potential Price Increase

As has been widely reported, the construction industry is experiencing substantial price increases combined with significant material and labor shortages.  Unfortunately, in response to this, our manufacturing partners will no longer lock in their prices until the house enters into the production cycle.  And our local suppliers will also not lock prices until we place our materials order.  While we are working hard to deflect and absorb some of these increases, we may be required to pass along some of these price increases.

If at all possible, we recommend you add an additional allocation and contingency reserve to your construction loan to help cover potential increases in these construction costs.

We will continue to keep you updated on this fluid situation and if there are any pricing changes that affect you and your project we will send them to you ASAP.


Nigel Bates, President

Buffalo Modular Homes, Inc.

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